Planned Giving

Legacy and Planned Giving
The Ocean County Foundation for Vocational Technical Education has created a
Legacy and Planned Giving Committee. Its goal is to insure that residents of Ocean County have the proper estate planning and consider the role that the Foundation may play in your estate planning. When reviewing your Will, Trust or other estate planning documents, consider that the State of New Jersey and/or Federal Government can impose death tax liabilities which, in some cases can range from 16% to 55% respectively. Proper estate planning can legally avoid, if not reduce, these liabilities so as to insure that your estate is distributed to your intended beneficiaries. Please consider the Ocean County Foundation for Vocational Technical Education when doing your Will.

We enjoy tax exempt status as a 501c (3) tax exempt organization.

Estate Planning is probably one of the most important steps in your loved one’s life because it is their lives that are affected once you’re gone.

Everyone likes to think they have planned for their future and the future of their families, i.e., IRA ‘s Retirement Plans, 401 k ‘s, but unless you have done your estate planning as well, your family’s future could suffer.

For any further information, please contact Angela Castaldo,
732.240.6414 x 3339 at our Foundation Office and ask for a courtesy meeting with a member of the Foundation Board.

Ocean County Foundation for Vocational technical Education